Deniz Kayahan

Venture Partner

Deniz has over 20 years of experience in commercial effectiveness, efficiency, and technology mainly in banking, insurance, retail, utility, e-commerce, energy, manufacturing, telecom, and enterprise software industries.
As a business analytics and marketing manager, he worked for 8 years at Yapi Kredi Bank in Istanbul, as a management consulting leader, and 7 years at Peppers and Rogers Group, OC&C Strategy Consultants, and Maven Insights in EMEA region on management consulting engagements.
Following his career in banking and management consulting, he had a transition to technology and worked in technical and executive roles in the large enterprise digital transformations in Vodafone Spain, Albania, and Wipro.

Deniz has advised investors and startups for the last 10 years as an entrepreneur, investor, advisory board member, and senior-level executive. He specializes in strategy development, product management, fundraising, agile technology delivery, digital transformation, team building, and fundraising in SaaS, enterprise software, e-commerce, retail, manufacturing, supply chain, fintech, energy, and IT verticals.
Deniz is an author of innovation reports and blog posts of the Startup Intellect, graduated from Dokuz Eylul University and has completed his MBA at University of Chicago Booth School of Business.