Our Focus

Our interest to support startups mostly goes to Seed stage, where startup has a some level of validation from users and market. We have also support Pre-seed and Series-A stage startups selectively.

•An MVP is there, sales activity is going on.
•The team is still working on problem solution fit and sales funnel design.
•Product development iterations happening based on customer feedback.
•Business model alternatives are tested.
•There are some paying customers but there is no traction.
•Business model is about to be set but still learning.
•Team is working on efficiency and effectiveness of sales roadmap, marketing and channel management.
•A high traction is going on, product, business model, sales and marketing roadmap all working but the team is iterating on them based on traction trend and learning.
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Startup’s Investment Stage and Our Focus

Our Services

We begin helping startups with the most urgent needs, however generally, they have multiple problems from team growth to fundraising simultaneously. We plan and holistically coordinate those support to make them successful by utilizing in-depth multi-skill team members from Startup Intellect.

Product Strategy

Identifying product strategy is like aiming at a fast-moving target. You need to do and calibrate frequently until achieving the product market fit. We support startups according to the target market, current product portfolio and team skillset, focusing on the right product with the highest global market potential by considering scalability and profitability.

Product Roadmap

Shipping new features and releases very quickly is a significant challenge, especially for growing teams. If a strong product strategy and vision are not paired with defining features and managing the iterations quickly to validate the problem, user, channel, and market, valuable time and success window are lost. We support founders, product managers, product owners, and development teams in MVP, Traction, and Scale stages.

Sales & Global Expansion

Triggering the fast growth is difficult but executing too. Establishing a sales track record in new markets needs planning marketing and sales processes, partners, channels, and metrics. We help founders to set sales and operational processes and KPIs to follow up target vs actual metrics along with setting-up legal entities abroad and initiating government subsidies application process.

Digital Marketing

Establishing a cost-efficient but effective digital marketing presence is a priority when expanding new markets and user groups. We support founders, and marketing and sales managers to plan marketing budgets for growth, set budgets for each channel, define KPIs according to targets, and ensure the focus on measurable marketing plan execution according to the performance.

Team Building

Effective team building in a fast-growth startup is like enhancing a flying airplane. Sometimes, it is difficult to avoid wrong decisions but learning and recovery need to be fast. We help startups to define organizational setup and required roles and support inhouse or outsourced recruitment and onboarding process. We also coach founders and management team if necessary.


Growth-hungry startups burn faster and fundraising is the blood for growth. But meeting with value-adding investors means much more than cash, accessing a global network, operational support, and advisory. We support the preparation of fundraising by setting-up KPIs, reporting, budgeting, and forecasting processes and defining fundraising strategy, and introduce VCs.